We are temporarily closed as Health Canada is making all get Numbers?


I alone, collect and process all the fresh Chaga for your health. Trust only those that live where the Chaga grows 


124 Chaga Capsules


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Out of product so check back later. We sell the best capsules available anywhere and put it on a Med card. This way it helps you to be reminded every day to take your Chaga. I always tell people your healthy foods and meds belong in your body, not in your cupboard. 

All our Chaga is steamed cleaned, put in a food dehydrator, turned into powder and made into capsules in our clinic only. Our number one priority is sanitary conditions and to help make you strong and healthy again. 


Chaga Tincture


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Out of Product so check back later. Our Tincture is second to none and placed in a 30 ml bottle with eye dropper. It takes 5 weeks for us to make it. It is that good. 


Chaga Tea Tin


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Out of product so check back. This is the best Chaga Tea, in a 4" square tin and sealed. This Chaga is steamed cleaned and then dehydrated in an excalibur dryer for 14 hours. You make this Chaga Tea in a Crock pot or slow cooker only for around 6 hours at first after that just drink it hot or cold and refill with water the same amount of fresh clean water that you take out. It is the only way you should make Chaga Tea. My Chaga is pure, clean and processed in a sanitary condition in the county side where it grows.

About Us

Caring For Your Health

Riding bare back in mid winter looking for only the best Chaga for you. It is great fun.

We are the only company you should buy Chaga from. That is a very bold statement I know but there are good reasons for it. While other companies are located in the cities and possibly dirty slum areas we are located in the crisp clean forest of Canada. I personalty am dedicated to providing the best, cleanest Chaga  for you and care more about your health than making a huge profit off of suffering people or people that work hard to stay healthy.  

Presently after years of working hard and not making any money to speak of I am going for the Canadian Licence with the Canadian Health part of our Government.  

Four Different Grades of Canadian Chaga.

Over the years and thru observation of collecting Chaga I am the original and first to classify Chaga into four distinct groups. No one has done this before, not to my knowledge and or  is copying  me and doing it now. Even Health Canada does not know about this the ones making laws to put people in jail. So I am shut down as I am following their dictates.

Grade A Chaga-  It is from a Mature healthy tree and the interior is quite consistently hard.

Grade B Chaga-  It is from a older tree and the Chaga is very large and the interior is a bit softer.

Grade C Chaga - it is from a dead tree but still standing and the Chaga appears to be dying ( I never use this type of Chaga only the best for you)

Grade D Chaga - it is from a dead tree rotting on the ground and of course I would never use this type of Chaga however no doubt other companies do because they                        don't even collect it  by themselves from the forest.

I will be selling Grade A and B separately so stay tuned in as soon as obtain the  we obtain the requirements of the Food and Drugs Act (FDA) and the Natural Health Products Regulations (NHPR): We understand that you are not living your best life possible unless your mind and body are completely healthy. That's why we take a holistic approach to preventing and reversing disease.   Your body is not a rental unit that you live inside. You only get one and it can not be replaced so take good care of your body. 

Natural Healing


Our goal is to provide alternative care that will possibly reverse and prevent disease using the fundamental healing principles of mind-body natural foods. We feel the  best way to heal the natural body is naturally. 

Our Promise to You

We ride bareback on horses looking for Chaga in the Canadian North and only harvest the live best.

We care about your well being and will try to provide you with guidance, knowledge, and tools you possibly  need to be healthy with our Chaga. We are here to help you try to achieve optimal wellness with the use of Canadian Chaga. 


Our Services

Many of the local Native Algonquins take Chaga everyday for their health and it serves them well.

Herbal Medicine

Many of the Natives  take Chaga everyday for their health. 


Natural Pain Relief

The best 100% pain relief is not getting pain in the first place by keeping yourself healthy and Chaga may help.



Chaga may possibly be Anti-Cancer but you have to decide for yourself if that is true. so read the US Pub Med articles.

According to PUB MED of the US Government Chaga  may be  Anti-Cancer Here is there site with  what they have to say about it. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4946216/

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